Aquinas: Profound or Profoundly Wrong?

Theologians are real people, and thus imperfect. In the next part of the Middle Ages chapter, Schaeffer delves into his views on Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). Schaefer claims that Aquinas’s thinking about nature vs grace set the stage for humanism during the Renaissance.

But is this true? Many Protestant scholars disagree, even some of Francis Schaeffer’s  Reformed friends. It was almost endearing to hear to R.C. Sproul—the last person one might reasonably expect to defend a founder of humanism—plead Aquinas’s case. You could almost hear the tears in his voice, and he convinced me. Before you automatically accept what Schaeffer claims Aquinas taught, I invite you to listen to these audio segments from Ligonier Ministries.  Schaefer was right that during the Middle Ages bad theology and distorted thinking began to take root in the church. I just disagree with him that Aquinas was responsible for it.

Listen to this one for an engaging biography of Thomas Aquinas:

And this one for an explanation of Aquinas’s theology vs what Francis Schaeffer said it was:

And here is a blog post which discusses some of the same issues Dr. Sproul covers in part 2 of the audio above:

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